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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stacking, vertical and horizontal

I've been asked how to place photos in a blog post without large spaces between the photos. This post is an example of two photos placed vertically followed by two placed horizontally.

A single photo is shown using a combination of an a href= statement and an img src= statement. That both displays the photo and allows the viewer to click to the photo.

There is a new line between the html displaying the photos vertically. New line = I clicked the enter key while typing the code to jump to the next line.

In the second example, with the photos shown horizontally, there is no new line between the two sets of code. One a href= and img src= pair is immediately followed by the second.


bikes in snowbikes in snow

The html used to create the stacked images in this post can be found on the page, in the file titled stackedPhotos.txt.

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