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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Click to lightbox

Someone asked if it is possible to embed a photo in a blog where a click will open SmugMug's lightbox. Click on the photo below to jump to the photo in the lightbox.

The photo was shown with a combination of a href= and img src= HTML clauses.

The values to show the photo are pulled from the Share... Get a link... page in SmugMug. Position on the photo you want to use, then click Share... Get a link. For the a href= value, select the Lightbox URL from the Gallery Links tab. For the img src= value, select one of the links from the Photo Links tab.

Here's a sample of the HTML, with spaces inserted in the html to prevent blogger from running the html as opposed to showing the code:
< a href="" >
< img src=""/ >
< /a >
If you use this HTML as an example, be sure to remove the spaces.

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